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Birthday party despite Corona?

Celebrate your birthday despite Corona? We have the plan!


Corona, or rather the restrictions that are still in place, put a spanner in the works of many plans. Celebrating birthdays with friends or spending time together at all is unfortunately still difficult. But we won’t let it spoil our good mood, and neither should you! If you want to celebrate your birthday party, there are alternative ways. Unusual, of course, but still much better than sitting at home alone!


First get the lay of the land: Where is what allowed at the moment?

First of all, it depends on which federal state you live in. The yardstick is still the so-called incidence figures. You can find good information about your city or district on the internet – although digitalisation is still weak in Germany, most cities and districts post current case numbers and incidences on the internet every day. The number of people you can invite without risking a fine can be totally different. But there are good alternatives if you want to know: How can you celebrate your birthday despite the restrictions.

We do not publish exact dates or current contact restrictions here because the situation changes daily. The exit restriction is also important, because it may be that everyone has to be back home by 22:00.



How can you celebrate your birthday despite the restrictions?

First variant: You invite real guests, but keep to the permitted number of people. Most of the time, there are Corona restrictions that apply not only to the number of people celebrating, but also to the households involved. In the private sphere, there is usually no particular difference whether you plan a party outdoors or indoors.


Caution, with…


We all know by now that the risk of infection is much lower outdoors. On the other hand, police checks in your own home are only to be feared if envious neighbours become aware of the birthday party – or if the volume indicates a happy birthday party with too many people. So that you don’t get into trouble (and your guests don’t either, of course), the following applies in any case: inform in advance, stick to the rules! Under no circumstances should you risk a fine, because that not only means trouble – some federal states also ask you to pay a lot!


Second variant:


You celebrate your birthday party virtually because of Corona. We’ll tell you how to do this and how you can implement cool ideas in a separate paragraph.


Third variant:


You postpone the birthday party to a later date. It is relatively likely that the situation will be more relaxed in the summer. Perhaps the restrictions will not be lifted completely, but the regulations will be relaxed considerably. You have a better weather situation if you plan an outdoor party.


The question of where what is allowed at the moment can look very different in July or August than in this cold, often rainy spring. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate at all. Organise a cosy get-together with your closest family or a few friends. Plan together how and where the birthday party can take place, despite the Corona.

No chance for Corona viruses: The virtual birthday party


Just like a real party, you start with the usual preparations. You set the date and send out invitations. Check with your guests in advance which format is OK for everyone. The basic equipment, i.e. PC, tablet or smartphone, should be available to everyone. The Corona birthday party is possible via Skype or as a Zoom Date, but other providers also have apps for video calls in their programme. Make sure that everyone uses the same app and that the virtual birthday meeting is free of charge. Some variants are only suitable for a few participants.




With WhatsApp video call, only three people can meet, so this version is more suitable for Corona birthday wishes and Corona birthday sayings, but not for a longer virtual party with many friends. Face Time only works if the people involved have Apple devices. If you have found the right option, you also have a good option for further digital meetings. The birthday party is not the only occasion to celebrate. You can also plan a digital game night or host a virtual pizza party to keep your socialising and celebrating fun.


Corona gift


It’s your birthday and your guests, real or virtual, are thinking of a suitable Corona gift for the birthday party. As with any gift, the same applies in Corona times: Don’t just give anything, but choose a gift with love that the recipient can really use.


We recommend: If in doubt, ask beforehand or choose a gift that is always useful, but especially after a party – for example our After Party Drink, which quickly gets you fit again the next day! The Corona theme can of course play a role in gift-giving, perhaps in the form of custom-printed FFP-2 masks or a T-shirt with a funny print. Corona birthday sayings and Corona birthday wishes round off the gift. Some examples, suitable for the Corona gift and the birthday party:


Example sayings


“You are by far the best thing we have ever come across – congratulations!” 
“We’ll keep our distance, but we’ll give you a virtual send-off!”  
“Home office, home schooling, home party – we won’t let you spoil the celebration and wish you nothing but the very best from afar!”  
“After Corona we’ll make up for everything – mask off, raise your glasses!”  


Gifts for guests


But you can also surprise your friends and/or family with small gifts on the occasion of your virtual birthday party! Those who invite usually provide drinks and snacks, and often they cook, grill or order a great catering buffet. Of course, you don’t have to go all out for a digital party. But good drinks are part of it! How about making sure that everyone at your virtual birthday party can enjoy good drinks?


You can order drinks online and have them delivered to different addresses. It doesn’t have to be a beer with an ambiguous name like the Mexican Corona or Astra from the Holsten brewery – although some of your guests might think these suggestions are particularly cool ideas! Many drinks are suitable for virtual toasting, for example a sparkling Prosecco. As an alternative to the real drink delivery, you can also send recipes for trendy cocktails along with the invitation. During the virtual party, everyone mixes at the same time, and then the glass is raised with distance but lots of fun and the best Corona birthday wishes go online! Then the topic: where is what allowed at the moment, is no longer so much in focus, because you have cool ideas and good alternatives!


More ideas for celebrating despite Corona



You can also use a Zoom Date or another form of video meeting for many other activities. The Virtual Pizza Party, where everyone orders pizza at the same time via Skype or Zoom Date, eats together and has fun with cool drinks afterwards, is a great way to keep in touch with your friends. A digital game night is also in vogue, where not only adults but also children can have a lot of fun if the right games are chosen.


Keep it simple


After all, you can also meet friends virtually without a special occasion. Perhaps Corona even offers special opportunities in some cases. Those who have lost sight of each other because of too great distances can now revive former contacts. Another interesting development is that many older people in our families are now online. Have your birthday party with grandpa and grandma, but also date your grandparents via Zoom Date for no reason at all! Good drinks and a tasty after party drink are also most welcome with the older generation.


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