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one47 | 17.06.2021

Ideas for the Corona Wedding!

Lockdown wedding: ideas for the Corona wedding!


Getting married despite Corona?


This is the question currently facing many couples who actually wanted to get married in the summer of 2021. Maybe your wedding was already planned for last year and you postponed the date – hoping that everything would be possible again today. Instead, the situation is even more critical. One of the worst things is that the rules, regulations and appeals are constantly changing. Concrete planning is almost no longer possible. No one currently knows how many guests one may invite or whether guests are allowed at all. Here you can find out all about ideas for the Corona wedding!


In “normal” times, planning for the wedding starts at least a year in advance. Buying a wedding dress, looking for a location, designing the invitation cards and many other small or bigger actions just take time. At the moment it looks as if the wedding celebration with the whole family, many friends and guests is almost impossible. Nevertheless, you have decided to get married this year. We would like to make the difficult planning a little easier for you and show you alternatives. Not all of our tips and tricks are applicable to every bride and groom. But we hope that we can help you decide!



What is really important when getting married?



Eines vorab: Wir verstehen unter dem Begriff “Brautpaar” alle Kombinationen, also Frau und Mann, Frau und Frau, Mann und Mann. Ihr möchtet heiraten, weil ihr euch liebt. Punkt. Das ist und bleibt der wichtigste Grund für eine Heirat. Ihr möchtet euer Leben gemeinsam verbringen. Eure Liebe wollt ihr vor dem Standesamt bekunden, in der Kirche bestätigen und am liebsten mit vielen lieben Menschen feiern. Nun macht euch die Pandemie einen Strich durch die Rechnung. Was tun? Nochmal aufschieben? Niemand weiß, wie die Lage nächstes Jahr ist. Wir meinen: Heiratet trotz Corona, plant ein außergewöhnliches Fest, und feiert richtig nach, wenn sich die Zeiten hoffentlich wieder geändert haben. Nun kommen die Ideen für die Corona Hochzeit!


With less guests


Information on the permitted number of guests is extremely difficult at the moment. It depends on the infection situation in your federal state or, even more concretely, in the respective district. A civil wedding is always possible. In the worst case, only with the registrar, without witnesses, without parents and friends. The situation is different for church weddings. Most churches have access restrictions depending on the space available in the church. The difficult planning becomes even more complicated when you think about how you want to celebrate after the wedding ceremony. The only thing that seems certain is that large parties are not allowed. Restaurants and hotels are closed, so you don’t even have to look for a location.


The Corona wedding in a small circle is also difficult, however, because meetings with people from several households are often prohibited. Also be prepared that in extreme cases you may only be allowed to celebrate with very few guests. If very strict contact rules apply in your region, you must also avoid the possibility that you and your guests may have to pay heavy fines. This is a risk you should not take. Even if you have found a good place to celebrate, for example in your own garden, in an allotment or far out in the countryside, unfortunately you can always expect to meet with envious and jealous observers. You don’t want the police to suddenly arrive and break up your wedding party. Check with the town or municipality what contact rules apply, what is allowed and what is not.


This also applies if you book wedding service providers: Can the hairdresser come to the house? Can a photographer be there? The rules are constantly changing, so it is important to know exactly what the current situation is.


Alternative celebration options for the Corona wedding


The focus is on you as the bride and groom, the main thing is to experience an unforgettable day. If, despite the Corona, you “only” get married in a civil ceremony and postpone the big celebration to a later date, an emotional atmosphere is still possible. In most federal states, five people from two households are allowed; children under 14 are not counted. The registrar is also not counted in the number of persons.


In church, more participants are usually allowed, BUT: precautions, distance rules and hygiene concepts must be observed. With both options, a subsequent celebration with many guests is prohibited. It does not matter where you want to celebrate. One of the best tips and tricks is to switch to a virtual celebration.


Ask at the registry office or the priest if the wedding ceremony can be filmed. This doesn’t require great technology, it’s more about capturing the most important moments. The video can be sent to family members, friends and guests immediately afterwards. You can also share your wedding video with your guests via Skype, Zoom or Teams. If you have a small (or large) party afterwards, you will also be online, someone will be shooting videos and there will of course be lots of photos.


Invitations and favours : Do you need them at all for a micro wedding?


Sure, because even with a minimalist wedding, popular customs are not automatically outdated. Send invitations to the online wedding get-together, surprise your friends with gifts. The few people you are allowed to invite will receive a test kit in advance to test for themselves. In this context: It should go without saying that anyone showing symptoms is better off staying at home! You can also have masks printed; the names of the bride and groom, hearts or intertwined rings look good on monochrome masks.


If you’re celebrating virtually, there will of course be one or more drinks. Whether it’s an online champagne reception or a round of digital cocktails, we recommend preventing an annoying hangover in any case. Our After Party Drink is perfect to curb the after-effects – and our great After Party Drinks also make very nice hostess gifts!


We’ve rounded up more cool and simple hostess gifts in our other blog post. Click here.


Post-celebration when the situation has eased


This year there will only be one wedding in a small setting. No matter what you call it, a wedding for two, a micro-wedding or a tiny-wedding, you’ll still want to have a lavish wedding party with lots of friends and guests. The rush next year will probably be huge. So secure your dates for 2022 in the church, at the location and with the wedding service providers now. With cancellation option!


I hope you enjoyed the ideas for the Corona wedding, and making decisions will be a little easier in the future. Until then, stay safe and sound!

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