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Party International- Countries Cultures?

Party International



Other countries, other customs: Maybe you’ve asked yourself how people party in other countries. Maybe you’ve been to a party in another country yourself. But which country has the best parties? We’ve collected a few party clichés to find out which country knows how to party best. Do you know any bizarre or impressive party customs? And who do you think knows how to party the best? International Party I am coming!




Germany – between beer and lederhosen




Party International. If you were to ask our neighbouring countries how the Germans celebrate, the answer would probably be something like: Germans drink a lot of beer at parties and wear traditional dresses and lederhosen. Yeah…no. Actually, Germans celebrate in quite a varied way. Often, they go to a bar or a house party to get smashed. Then they move on to the big cities and dance in clubs until dawn. As far as alcohol is concerned, the Germans are by no means stuck with beer. From vodka mix drinks to gin and colourful shooters. Germans are keen to experiment. And at least they know how to fight the hangover afterwards 😉


Party International. How do Americans celebrate parties? Beer Pong is the supreme discipline. Even if health and sport are not the main focus of all American party people, the sport of beer pong is practised enthusiastically, at least at parties. The aim is to throw as many table tennis balls as possible into drinking cups without them hitting the tabletop or missing. Penalty for bad throws and violations: Drinking beer, and lots of it. The annual Spring Break beckons on the beach in Miami. The party goes on for many days – just like in American films. On Spring Break, no one can fool the Yanks when it comes to partying.



Russia – Vodka and Caviar


Party International. Caution, cliché! But if you want to trust them, a Russian party looks like this: Wearing an Adidas tracksuit with the obligatory stripes on the leg, people meet at a colleague’s house, or even outside. Then they drink a lot of vodka from water glasses and dance wildly. Afterwards, it’s off to a posh club, where gold chains are hung and a spoonful of caviar is eaten for the journey. At the club, one round after the other is then handed out. The Russians are also supposed to be good at handing out drinks during or after the party. Moscow, Moscow!


Mexico – Piñata and Tequila


Party International. Whether big or small – the typical piñata is a must at birthday parties. The colourful papier-mâché figures are filled with lots of sweets. The participants are blindfolded and have to hit the figure one after the other with a bat until it bursts and the treats fall out. Delicious food and good drinks are important to Mexicans when celebrating anyway. The legendary Spring Break is also celebrated in Cancún, Mexico. The beach of the idyllic coastal town is then besieged by party animals for days.



So who celebrates best?


Is there such a thing as the perfect party? Actually, it always depends on the type of party. Some like to party with a small group of friends at home and relax with alcoholic drinks and snacks. Others just have to hit the slopes and really let loose for the weekend. For us, a perfect party means:


– exuberant atmosphere
– Delicious, home-mixed drinks
– party music that puts you in the mood
– fun drinking games
– without friction and irresponsibility
– and above all: without hangovers


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