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Wedding gifts – innovative ideas

Why wedding money is a good gift idea



In contrast to weddings that took place many decades ago, couples nowadays often already live in their shared flat. Their own home is fully furnished – and if something is still missing, the vast majority of couples prefer to do their own shopping. Nevertheless, wishes remain unfulfilled: Perhaps a big honeymoon is planned that could do with an allowance. Or the couple is planning a baby and wants to furnish a stylish nursery. In some cases, it is also about practical things, such as a dishwasher or a tumble dryer. Gifts of all kinds were welcome.


Back then…


Or the wedding was even financed from one’s own funds in order to enable the guests to have an uncompromisingly good time. One hoped to get a little money back at the end as a couple – because for many, the wedding completely eats up the money only recently saved up after education. So these are usually bigger wishes that can be financed in whole or in part with monetary gifts.



Money gifts are useful


For the people giving the gifts, it doesn’t really matter what the gifts are used for. You are always right if the bride and groom indicate in the invitation that wedding gifts in monetary form are welcome. If you know exactly what you are planning to use the money for, you can make a suitable package. If not, there are numerous examples and ideas on how you can personalise money gifts.


Self-made money gifts and decorative packaging are definitely better than presenting money gifts as the contents of a greeting card. Because: Creatively wrapped gifts are a great eye-catcher on the gift table, when unwrapping the excitement increases and the wedding couple is happy about the money blessing!



Ideas for wedding gifts that not everyone has!

The better you know the bride and groom, the easier it will be for you to find the right ideas. You can find some examples of how interests, wishes and financial gifts can be combined in our suggestions for handicrafts.

Travel-loving brides and grooms are happy about anything that has to do with faraway places. Arrange a sandy beach with small deckchairs and paper umbrellas on a (cheap) blue plastic tray. Coat one half of the tray with craft glue and sprinkle with sand. On the remaining blue surface, ships folded out of banknotes sail the “sea”.


Toys such as small aeroplanes, camper vans, cars with camping trailers are also good for presenting folded or rolled banknotes in an attractive way.


Use a solid cardboard base, place the vehicle on it and decorate the money around it. There are no limits to your imagination: You can paint the cardboard, stick decorative material on it and add a mini bride and groom to top it off. There are craft glues that come off easily.


Instead of a cardboard or plate, you can also use a nice cardboard box that remains open at the top. Wrap the whole thing in transparent film so that the contents are visible but protected. Of course, you can also wrap the gift in opaque paper. However, transparent packaging always looks very attractive on the wedding gift table.



Knowing and incorporating the hobbies of the bridal couple

Of course, you can also include the bride and groom’s favourite hobby and create miniatures that represent their hobby or favourite sport.


Money gifts in an aquarium (without water) with small corals, underwater plants and fish for bridal couples who are enthusiastic about diving; a piece of artificial turf and mini golf balls for golf fans; a mini garden for all those who want to plant the green space around the house: Ideas like these show that you have put a lot of thought into what wedding gifts the bride and groom will enjoy!



More ideas for wedding gifts and cash gifts



You’re not quite sure whether you’re right with a reference to a trip, a hobby or a specific purchase? Then neutral money gifts are a good choice. Neutral doesn’t mean boring and unimaginative! Just focus on the love and life together as a couple. Money gifts can be creative and romantic, especially if you want to personalise them.

You’ll need a slightly larger toy car and small, empty tin cans. The car gets a hand-painted sign with “Just married” on the back window. Fill the tins with money of your choice, make sure you include coins so that everything rattles nicely. Then tie the tins to the back of the car with string. Put the whole thing on sturdy cardboard or in a sufficiently large cardboard box. The smaller version consists of a mini car, rolled banknotes represent the cans.


Swim in the money once!


Your own swimming pool full of money is one of the most imaginative wedding ideas. It’s easy to make: paint a large, round box without a lid inside and out with turquoise blue paint. The pool is filled with cent and euro pieces in different sizes. For the swimming bride and groom, you can make figures out of Fimo or use a ready-made mini bride and groom. You can make the ladder and diving board out of sturdy cardboard. The result doesn’t have to be perfect, but it shows how creative wedding gifts with money can be!


A garden full of money and love


One of the ideas you can use for wedding favours is the little love garden. You can use all ideas that have to do with gardens and love in the broadest sense. The basis is again a solid cardboard or a wooden board, which you glue with fine artificial grass. All the ingredients are available in craft stores. You can arrange a garden house or a small wooden bench on it, fold flowers or butterflies out of banknotes and attach them to toothpicks or green wire. In the garden, you could also attach a clothesline to two posts. Fold shirts and trousers out of banknotes and hang them on the line with mini clothes pegs!


The treasure chest for bridal couples


Money gifts can be wrapped well in a treasure chest. You can make the treasure chest yourself from a cardboard box or buy a nice treasure chest. A mixture of coins and folded notes looks very nice. If you want to wrap money gifts nicely, leave the lid of the treasure chest open, place it on a plate and wrap everything in cling film. Other wrapping ideas also go down well, for example a self-painted treasure map can be used to wrap the closed treasure chest in.

Quick wedding favours and cash gifts with little effort


When invitations to a wedding are made at short notice, there is often not enough time to search for the right ideas. Now it has to be quick! Get a nice picture frame and photos of the bride and groom. Funny snapshots are good for this. Use banknotes and photos to make a collage that looks great behind glass!


General tips and ideas for wedding gift wrapping



For all wedding gifts and cash gifts, creative ideas and personalisation always go down well. Use decorative materials that match the wedding: Hearts and roses made of paper, wedding rings and infinity symbols made of gold-coloured metal, top hats and veils are ideal for setting great accents when wrapping wedding gifts!

You can find many more ideas for cash gifts and unusual wedding favours on the internet. You can find good sites on the internet. Here is an example


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